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Leading SA in my own way

by Admin in Featured 0

As I drove to work this morning, I was listening to my favourite radio station. A LeadSA advertisement was playing wherein the story was told of how a man picked up a purse that had [...]

Life isnt perfect…but your hair can be

22 November, 2017 0

Hair By Adele, a Gem to Discover   In your neighbourhood you must know of at least 3 hair dressing salons in close proximity, but how do they all survive? It’s simple really, by offering […]


The Kid (1921)

16 April, 2012 0

  Director: Charlie Chaplin Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Carl Miller, Edna Purviance and Jackie Coogan Written, produced, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, The Kid is a true classic and one of Chaplin’s greatest and most […]


Kids and Money

3 October, 2013 0

How does one prepare financially for a child? Read more on page 40 of our latest issue. Tell us what your thoughts on kids and money are by leaving a comment here


St Patricks Day

17 March, 2015 0

17 March is one of the most widely celebrated days across the globe, St Patrick’s Day. The first celebration was held in America and mostly consisted of religious services and feasts, led by a small […]


Mothers Day

10 May, 2015 0

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is a holiday that honours motherhood. It is observed worldwide as a entire day devoted to the women who brought us into this world and to thank them for all they […]


World Cancer Day – 4 February

4 February, 2015 0

   Every year on 4 February the Union for International Cancer Control supported by the WHO and International Agency for Research on Cancer aim to promote ways to fight the global cancer epidemic. The ultimate […]


Editors Choice

Never miss an issue – SUBSCRIBE NOW

3 April, 2016 0

Our second-monthly magazine is designed to be informative and aimed at enriching the lives of our readers. That said, all our content is constructive, current, thought-provoking and useful. To never miss an issue, SUBSCRIBE NOW […]



30 June, 2013 0

ProActive refers to all activities, hobbies and fun things that our readers love to do. This division ties closely with PRO SELF which relates more to the individual than the activity.  


Refreshing news!

3 April, 2016 0

“Hello it’s me again” you say as you look at the same old face in your bathroom mirror each morning. You know the face well, each line and wrinkle tells its own story. Now day’s […]



30 June, 2013 0

  PROPlanning overviews everything there is to know about finances and investment. Key areas include the allocation of finances, budget drafting, investing, saving, retirement, medical and health provisions, as well as wealth creation. This area […]


Strong woman and heavy lifting

17 June, 2017 0

          Ilona Wilson Is a personal trainer, kettle bell ballistics trainer and a crossfit level 1 instructor. She is a South African power lifter in the 57kg weight category. She started […]

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