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by Admin in PROCaring 0

This section highlights the many aspects of compassion and the spirit of giving of one’s self for the betterment of another. This relates to the active involvement of projects that relate to earth conservation, recycling, [...]

World Oceans Day – Coral Reefs at Risk

8 June, 2013 0

Today is World Ocean’s Day, a day we celebrate and appreciate the big and wondrous BLUE .  Sadly life under the sea is vastly decreasing, with one of nature’s greatest wonders in danger of disappearing […]


Believe it or not…It all began in 776 BC

16 August, 2016 0

Around 3000 years ago,a religious festival was started to honour Zeus, the god of the sky & leader of the Greek gods, who lived on Mount Olympus – the highest mountain in Greece. […]


World Health Day – 7 April

7 April, 2015 0

The increased importance that is being placed on healthy and safe food has inspired the 2015 World Health Day theme. Food Safety is the focal point of this year’s World Health observation. New data on […]


Water health contributes to brain health

3 November, 2017 0

WATER HEALTH CONTRIBUTES TO BRAIN HEALTH Purified Water, Healthy Body Are you aware that 75% of your brain is composed of water, likewise 83% of your blood, 75% of your muscles and 22% of your […]

Editors Choice

The Rio Village – A record breaker

17 August, 2016 0

The Rio Olympic Village is the largest in the history of the Games. It has 31 brand new buildings, some of which are up to 17 floors high & in total there are 3604 apartments to accommodate the athletes, officials, coaches, doctors & physiotherapists. There will be up to 18,000 residents staying at one time, with 13,000 staff & volunteers to look after them. This is a huge management & logistics undertaking!



30 June, 2013 0

PROSelf focuses on the individual’s personal growth and development. It highlights issues such as self-image, presence, and first impressions, and sheds light on correct mind-sets and forward thinking. It is a section that is linked […]



Most active Deviants

3 April, 2016 0

DeviantArt is a platform where artists of all types can express themselves and share their work with others. It is a community where you can learn from others and get feedback on your artwork. Our […]


Zero Discrimination Day

1 March, 2015 0

Zero Discrimination Day The Zero Discrimination Campaign was launched on World AIDS Day in December 2013. UNAIDS Launched the campaign in Support of Zero Discrimination Day. Choosing the butterfly as symbol for the day, the […]


Heritage Day

24 September, 2012 0

Dressed in a shirt and scarf both adorned with the South African flag, I am not sure whether I felt like a local or a tourist; but as it was the 24th of September and […]


Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe

21 March, 2016 0

Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe As with any holiday, the approach is accompanied by various campaigns urging drivers to Arrive Alive. Despite all these efforts it seems that every year the deaths are still […]

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