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South Africa’s youth finds HOPE

by Admin in PROLearn 0

South Africa’s youth in a “hope” crisis   Our media is awash with opinion about youth unemployment and the negative impact this has on our society and on our collective future. But by constantly focusing [...]


30 June, 2013 0

This section highlights the many aspects of compassion and the spirit of giving of one’s self for the betterment of another. This relates to the active involvement of projects that relate to earth conservation, recycling, […]


Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe

21 March, 2016 0

Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe As with any holiday, the approach is accompanied by various campaigns urging drivers to Arrive Alive. Despite all these efforts it seems that every year the deaths are still […]


Rio’s message to the world

6 August, 2016 0

If the opening of the Rio Olympics is anything to go by – these Games could not only unify people in sport but also send the world an important message. […]


Stellenbosch Wine Festival

25 January, 2014 0

Of the many aspects that makes Stellenbosch a town worth visiting, the Stellenbosch wine festival should definitely be at the top of the list. For the second year running this event will liven up the […]


Hangar 8

30 June, 2014 0

Hangar 8 – A breed of its own Their team consists of six departments – being sales and marketing, helicopter division, medical department, fixed-wing division, operations and safety. While each department is headed up by […]


Editors Choice

Finding a job is a job – APSO

3 October, 2013 0

Finding a “job” is a job – 10 steps to job search success In today’s tight economy, jobs are scarce. However, preparing yourself for the process of finding a job will definitely improve your chances […]


Australia: amongst the Top 10 Greenest

9 March, 2015 0

Australian government launched projects focussed conservation, sustainability, greener living, protection of endangered species to preserve and protect the untamed natural beauty and unique animals. Projects to focus on reforestation and re-vegetation to provide sufficient habitats […]


Making a small change, and a big impact

3 April, 2016 0

19 March 2016 20H30 around the world is the official hour where people have the opportunity to get actively involved in making a small difference against climate change. This positive initiative is a reminder of […]


The countdown begins

6 June, 2013 0

The days and months edge closer to winter and the nearing cold. As you prepare your households by unpacking the long wooly socks and fluffy blankets, stocking cupboards with soup and stewing vegetables, we have […]


Orcinus Orca

1 October, 2013 0

Many people may be unaware that there are killer whale sub-species resulting in four different types of killer whales. These sub-species are Type A, B, C and D and are divided into categories of Resident, […]


International Jazz Day

6 May, 2015 0

International Jazz Day The 2015 Global Host City of International Jazz Day is Paris, France. France is often recognized as the second birthplace of jazz after the US. Thanks to jazz fans and supporters, the […]

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