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Did you know that you can trade in domain names?

Business Insider’s most expensive domain name article is based on DNJournal findings, and we looked at information about South African domain names from this source.

MyBroadband also contacted some well-placed local sources to establish how much people paid for some high profile domains. Here are some of the most expensive domains ever sold locally and internationally:

in South Africa:
1 – – R4.33 million
2 – – R3.09 million
3 – – R1.25 million
4 – – R1 million
5 – – R871,000

the rest of the world:
1 – $13,000,000
2 – $11,000,000
3 – $9,999,950
4 – $9,500,000
5 – $8,500,000

To find out how you can buy and sell domain names in South Africa, visit: Domain Bid today.

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