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Finding a job is a job – APSO

by Admin in Editors Choice 0

Finding a “job” is a job – 10 steps to job search success In today’s tight economy, jobs are scarce. However, preparing yourself for the process of finding a job will definitely improve your chances [...]

Strong woman and heavy lifting

17 June, 2017 0

          Ilona Wilson Is a personal trainer, kettle bell ballistics trainer and a crossfit level 1 instructor. She is a South African power lifter in the 57kg weight category. She started […]


Buying and selling domains

20 June, 2016 0

Did you know that you can trade in domain names? Business Insider’s most expensive domain name article is based on DNJournal findings, and we looked at information about South African domain names from this source. […]


Earth Day every day

22 April, 2013 0

Since our childhood all we have known is the words from ‘All creatures great and small’ by Johnny Pearson: and we cant help to think back on the wonderful planet we live in.   April […]



International Day of Human Space Flight – 12 April

12 April, 2015 0

Commemorating the first human spaceflight, one of the most significant events in the history of all mankind, and with the aim of recognising cosmic science and technology as imperative contributors to achieve the objectives of […]


Refreshing news!

3 April, 2016 0

“Hello it’s me again” you say as you look at the same old face in your bathroom mirror each morning. You know the face well, each line and wrinkle tells its own story. Now day’s […]


International Jazz Day

6 May, 2015 0

International Jazz Day The 2015 Global Host City of International Jazz Day is Paris, France. France is often recognized as the second birthplace of jazz after the US. Thanks to jazz fans and supporters, the […]



30 June, 2013 0

PROFession aids our readers in managing every aspect of their careers by providing detailed information on specific jobs and industries that are open to job seekers. We act as the tool, providing you with critical […]

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