I must readily admit that when it comes to sports; I am more of an adrenaline seeker than the patient ‘gentlemen’s game’ kind of sports lover.  Give me rock climbing, football and dance sports and I’m hooked.

Today is however Golfers Day, a day we pay homage to one of the more controlled sporting codes and its players.

With Golfing greats such as Gary Player, Ernie Els and Rory Sabbatini (to name a few) pioneering South African Golfing on the international field, we have plenty to celebrate in the realm of this sport.

Golfer’s Day is actually less about the experts and more about us; from novices, to fans, to those who dont really understand the game, a day when we can flaunt our inexperience and not get judged for our high handicap (or is it a low handicap).

Traditionally, the day is also celebrated in an effort to raise money for local charities.  Entry fees to country clubs and greens should theoretically be minimal on this day and all proceeds are donated to a charity of the specific club’s choosing.

In light of a good cause I’d be game, all I need now is a friend willing to teach me the ins and outs. Any takers?

[box] Written By: Warren Wildey[/box]

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