on_a_limb_by_marklucey-d60pf65Since our childhood all we have known is the words from ‘All creatures great and small’ by Johnny Pearson: and we cant help to think back on the wonderful planet we live in.


April 22 is celebrated worldwide as Earth Day. Earth Day reminds us about the major environmental issues which are threatening the future of our Planet and our existence.

The aim of the Earth Day celebration is to inspire appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Let’s make environmental concerns an essential part of general education and culture. This day is a great opportunity to educate people around the world about how we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Our daily habits have a greater impact on the environment than we think and caring about the planet one day of the year is not enough. There are many tips we can follow every day to make the Earth a healthier place to live.

More on how you can make a difference here: My Footprint

[box] Written By: Irina Tikhomirova 

Img src: Mark Lucey [/box]

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