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Here is an extract from a letter written to Emma by the mother of one young man who came along on a holiday in 2009.

With Higher Ground, there is no emphasis on the negative.  You and your wonderful team accept our children for who they are which is the right of every person.  And so, the children do what they can do and, very often, what they’ve always been told they cannot do! There is no greater boost to a person’s confidence to be challenged and stretched and to be found ABLE.  Along with that, they’re honoured, given time and never patronised or made to feel awkward.

You are touching lives in the most meaningful way.  Know to that it goes beyond the lives of the campers.  You bring the greatest joy too to parents who have had to accept that their children will never ‘succeed’ as others do.  For us to see our young adults at last being given opportunities they’ve never had before, to be part of something that challenges and inspires and where they’re made to feel that they matter, is a gift without price.

A young, blind man who went on the Hermanus holiday wrote:

This sighted volunteers…served us with their love, patience, willingness, and also with delicious food.  We felt like kings and queens.

All camps are open to people from any part of South Africa.  Transport can be arranged from the airport, bus or train station if you travel in from another province.  If you know of someone who would enjoy going on a Higher Ground holiday, or if you would like to volunteer at Higher Ground or support it in some other way, here is the necessary information:

Emma Roos: | +27 73 039-0907 |

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