Many people may be unaware that there are killer whale sub-species resulting in four different types of killer whales.

These sub-species are Type A, B, C and D and are divided into categories of Resident, Transient and Offshore orcas.


Type A
These resemble your typical killer whale, living in open water and feeding on Minke whales

Type B
These whales feed on mostly seals and display a much larger eye patch. Their colouration leans more towards the dark grey than black.

Type C
This is the smallest type and is known to live in larger groups, with a distinctive eye patch, slanting at an acute forward angle.

Type D
These whales were recorded at the mass stranding in New Zealand in 1955. Since then there have been numerous sightings out at sea since 2004. This type is widely recognised for their bulbous heads and extremely small white eye patches.

Transient orcas – an amost exclusive diet on marine mammals and travel in small pods roaming along the coast
Resident orcas are commonly sighted in the Northeast Pacific and the most common of the orca types
Offshore orcas travel far from coastlines and feed off schooling fish

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