World Poetry Day

21 March, 2015 Admin 0

World Poetry day During UNESCO’S 30th session held in Paris in 1999, a decision was made to proclaim 21 March as World Poetry Day. One of the main objectives of this day is to support […]


St Patricks Day

17 March, 2015 Admin 0

17 March is one of the most widely celebrated days across the globe, St Patrick’s Day. The first celebration was held in America and mostly consisted of religious services and feasts, led by a small […]


World Wildlife day

12 March, 2015 Admin 0

World Wildlife Day is 3 March The United Nations has decided to emphasize the fundamental importance and influences of wild animals and plants. Though the day is aimed at stressing the values of all animals […]


Commonwealth Day

9 March, 2015 Admin 0

The Commonwealth Day theme for 2015 is “A Young Commonwealth”, recognizes the capacity, contribution and potential of young people. The realization that people aged 25 and under account for the majority of the Commonwealth’s population […]


Australia: amongst the Top 10 Greenest

9 March, 2015 Admin 0

Australian government launched projects focussed conservation, sustainability, greener living, protection of endangered species to preserve and protect the untamed natural beauty and unique animals. Projects to focus on reforestation and re-vegetation to provide sufficient habitats […]


International Womens Day

8 March, 2015 Admin 0

International Womens day The theme of International Women’s Day 2015 is encouraging women around the world to MAKE IT HAPPEN. It offers an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while constantly and consciously working […]


Zero Discrimination Day

1 March, 2015 Admin 0

Zero Discrimination Day The Zero Discrimination Campaign was launched on World AIDS Day in December 2013. UNAIDS Launched the campaign in Support of Zero Discrimination Day. Choosing the butterfly as symbol for the day, the […]