Australia: amongst the Top 10 Greenest

Australian government launched projects focussed conservation, sustainability, greener living, protection of endangered species to preserve and protect the untamed natural beauty and unique animals. Projects to focus on reforestation and re-vegetation to provide sufficient habitats for endangered species. The Reef Trust was initiated to protect The Great Barrier reef and its ecosystem, to improve habitats, water quality, reduce run off and protect dugong & turtle population from poachers, hunters as well as debris that could damage their ecosystem.

Direct action plan was created to find low cost ways of emission reduction, delivering practical change at a local level. They are already experiencing emission reductions. The aim is to help re-vegetate and streamline environmental sanctions to terminate duplication and delay. Ensuring the execution of the projects while maintaining high environmental standards. Setting an example for other countries and emphasizing the importance of setting goals and following governmental guidelines.

More countries around the world are developing strategies, trying to reverse the damage we have done, sparking a green revolution. The Top 10 greenest countries are leading by example and acting as ambassadors for other countries to look up to and see how to start changing the way we live, placing great importance on education. Stop working alone or against each other and uniting Government, community, businesses and individuals is the only way to really make a difference and improve. It is our responsibility to try and leave the planet in a better state than it is in now.

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[box] Written by: Ryette Dempsey

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