World Wildlife Day is 3 March

The United Nations has decided to emphasize the fundamental importance and influences of wild animals and plants. Though the day is aimed at stressing the values of all animals and plants, particular focus is given to protected species. The United Nations urges organizations, individuals and groups around the world to devote 3 March to celebrating World Wildlife Day.



What is the Purpose of world wildlife day?

On 3 March, a global celebration of wildlife and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora takes place. The aim is to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our many plant and animal species. It hopes to inspire people to consider and reflect upon the benefits of abundant wildlife and highlight the urgent need to step in and join the fight against wildlife crime. Uniting against wildlife crimes not only for the conservation of beauty but also to acknowledge and appreciate the wide-ranging economic, environmental and social impacts.




The History of World Wildlife Day

With the massive decline in various animal and plant species, the extinction of some and the realisation that all resources are slowly being exploited and exhausted, the United Nations declared 3 March as World Wildlife Day.


On 20 December 2013 the United Nations General Assembly decided to announce the annual celebration of World Wildlife day. The aim is to celebrate and raise awareness of the world wild fauna and flora. The date is the day of the adoption of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) in 1973. The implementation of this convention aids various countries in ensuring that international trade does not threaten the survival of not only endangered, but all species of plant and animals.


UN secretary general Ban Ki – Moon urges all member States, the United Nations system and other international organizations as well as civil society, non-governmental organisations and individuals to observe and get involved in this global celebration of wildlife.


Secretary General Ban Ki – Moon passionately stated that, “for millennia, people and cultures have relied on nature’s rich diversity of wild plants and animals for food, clothing, medicine and spiritual sustenance. Wildlife remains integral to our future through its essential role in science, technology and recreation, as well as its place in our continued heritage.” He exclaims the ultimate aim of World Wildlife day as an opportunity to “… work for a future where people and wildlife coexist in harmony.”




How Can You Become Involved in World Wildlife Day

Get involved on social media, speak out against the injustices of wildlife crime!


Twitter: #WorldWildlifeDay@03March2015


2015 Theme: #SeriousAboutWildlifeCrime


In 2014 The Department of Environmental Affairs organised a celebration of World Wildlife Day in the Kruger National Park. It was hosted by Ms. Edna Molews, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs who urged all attendees and all communities to work together in the fight against wildlife crime.


The World Wildlife Day event website has also started an initiative where those who are interested can share anything from suggestions to photos or drawings and anything else that is aimed at highlighting the day at


If there is no celebration in your area, start your own event. Get a bunch of people together and celebrate the beauty of our natural environments, our animals and our plants. The World Wildlife Day website has made various materials available, from logos to posters, you can find them at Go out and educate those around you, with all the information available, there is no excuse to not join the fight against wildlife crime.


[box] Written by: Ryette Dempsey

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