World Hemophilia Day is an international observance held on 17 April annually by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). The day aims to create awareness for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and it also serves to raise funds and attract volunteers to the WFH. It is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to improving the lives of those with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. It offers education to hemophiliacs and family members alike and fights for improved medical treatment.

What is the Purpose of World Hemophilia day

Hemophilia is classified as a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body’s ability to control blood clotting or coagulation. This means that when a blood vessel is broken, it is unable to stop bleeding.

The main purpose of World Hemophilia day is to raise awareness about bleeding disorders and the need to build support (familial or otherwise) for those living with hemophiliacs. Families of any form are encouraged to support and advocate, and through World Hemophilia Day have the opportunity to talk to various extended family members and friends etc. to raise awareness and increase support.

The History of World Hemophilia day

The first celebration of World Hemophilia Day was in 1989 and was aimed at increasing awareness of the disease and to bring to light the needs of those affected by it. Today it is celebrated by hemophilia organisations globally with a wide range of activities and events; this gives an annual, global opportunity to increase awareness.

The date of 17 April was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of the founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia, Frank Schnabel. WFH publishes yearly posters to assist visually with the campaigns to raise awareness and open lines of communication between those living with the disorder and those affected by it.

How Can You Become Involved in World Hemophilia day

There are various ways to show your support to the cause. You can have a local landmark, a light in your home or office lit in red on 17 April to show your commitment to the bleeding disorder community.

If you have Hemophilia or any other bleeding disorder, WFH is encouraging the connection of the global bleeding disorder family on social media. If you are a supporter of the cause or an individual with Hemophilia, encourage your online community to join the global family. To assist with the online awareness campaigns, WFH have published various visual aids, educational and promotional materials can be found at the link below:–events/events/world-hemophilia-day-2015-resources



Written by: Ryette Dempsey

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