May the 4th be with you

Star Wars Day

This unofficial holiday aims to celebrate, what long since surpassed being a movie fandom, but the culture of Star Wars. The movies, the culture and everything attached to it is honoured with this annual observance.
What is the Purpose of Star Wars Day

This film franchise serves as inspiration to a variety of filmmakers to this day, at the time of its release it was a ground breaking development for the film industry. Though this celebration is light-hearted, some people are using the opportunity of the general public’s familiarity with the franchise to collect donation for various charities.

Scott Loxley, a Star Wars fan from Melbourne in Australia has been celebrating Star Wars day for the past 18 months. He has been walking around Australia dressed as a sandtrooper to raise money for charity. On May 4, International Star Wars day, there will be legions of people dressed as stormtroopers and other characters to participate in various charity events.

The History of Star Wars Day

The first use of the phrase “May the Fourth be with you” was not by any Star Wars company but rather by Margaret Thatcher’s political party. They used this phrase to congratulate her on being elected on 4 May 1979, needless to say the saying quickly caught on.

The first celebration of the Star Wars version of May 4 took place many years later, in 2001 at the Toronto Underground Cinema. It included a costume contest and a marathon of all the Star Wars movies. Since that initial celebration, the day has gained popularity and is not celebrated worldwide.

How Can You Become Involved in Star Wars Day

You can preach your participation on social media; let your “May the Fourth be with you” flag fly high on this day! Dress up, go out and have fun or use that Star Wars costume to do some charity work or raise some funds for a good cause.

For the dedicated fan, you should probably get a group of Star Wars Loving friends together and attend and event, or organise one, or enjoy a costumed movie marathon in the comfort of your own home. There are plethoras of Star Wars themed snack recipes available on the Internet you can even opt for a Death Star piñata! It doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate, as long as you do it in true Jedi style.


Written by Ryette Dempsey

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