Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe

Easter Holidays: Keeping our roads safe

As with any holiday, the approach is accompanied by various campaigns urging drivers to Arrive Alive. Despite all these efforts it seems that every year the deaths are still increasing, 2014 more people died than in 2013 and 2015 will probably strengthen the statistics. The most basic way to shift the odds in your favour is by merely adhering to the rules of the road. There are various ways to strengthen your odds further, from wearing a seat belt and adhering to the speed limit to trying to avoid driving at night or in challenging conditions.

Elna Fourie of the South African National Roads Agency said that most motorists “don’t realise that our roads are not designed for speeding, so those who transgress our road rules by driving 160 km/h should know that they will be putting themselves and other road users in danger.”

Drive responsibly, keeping in mind that you have other people’s lives in your hands. The same goes for motorcyclists who often disregard the rules and drive recklessly. Keep calm, be patient and drive safe.

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[box] Written by: Ryette Dempsey

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