Making a small change, and a big impact

19 March 2016 20H30 around the world is the official hour where people have the opportunity to get actively involved in making a small difference against climate change.

This positive initiative is a reminder of the ever day changes you and your family can make not only to live more eco-friendly but also more cost-effectively.

Some things you can do daily to save energy and go green:
1 – Grow your own vegetable garden at home
2 – Switch to energy-saving light bulbs and solar power
3 – Reduce, reuse and recycle
4 – Be mindful of your water consumption

More of this can be found in Issue 05 – ProPlanning – How going green can save you money

Statistics on Earth Hour can be found in Issue 10 – ProCaring – Earth hour” or for ideas on how to celebrate next year, see Issue 4 – ProActive – Be Brilliant this Earth Hour”

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