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“Hello it’s me again” you say as you look at the same old face in your bathroom mirror each morning. You know the face well, each line and wrinkle tells its own story.

Now day’s life doesn’t need to be like that. With all the advances in cosmetic surgery you can say “hello to the new me”. I’m not talking about drastic facelifts that alter what you look like, just a fresher more relaxed youthful you.

Juvederm is a product that was recently approved by the FDA, which is a quick and relatively painless non-evasive procedure that will give you a more youthful appearance. Unlike Botox and other collagen based products there is no need for a pre-treatment test for allergic reactions. Juvederm is solely made of biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is naturally manufactured in the body. It is a sugar based compound responsible for delivering and maintaining moisture and nutriment levels to skin cells. The level of hyaluronic acid our bodies produce begins to reduce from about the age of 35 and we begin to get wrinkles and loose elasticity in our skin.

Juvederm is a smooth gel and is administered through a fine needle to the areas of our skin that need rejuvenating. The injections restore volume and reduce the appearance of aging. It is designed to plump up the sunken areas of your face and restore what time has taken away. It will reduce the crow’s feet around your eyes, plump up your lips and banish the frown lines on your brow. The treatment will give your face a more youthful appearance with more volume and a smoother skin. Your face will look more relaxed and not frozen. This treatment will also improve acne, scaring, birth marks and sun damage. Tell- tale signs of aging are not just limited to your face and Juvederm can be used very effectively on your neck and hands.

There are several Juvederm products available and as your practitioner I will help you choose which one will be most suited to you. In some instances Juvederm can be combined with Botox to create a more dramatic effect. Unlike some other procedures that involve long recovery periods and time off from work, you will see results of the new more youthful you within 12 hours. Obviously there will be a little bit of swelling, tenderness and bruising but that will disappear within a couple of days. After 12 hours you can bath or shower and apply makeup and go about your normal daily routine.

Juvederm is suitable for both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65. It is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding mothers and certain allergic and medical conditions may preclude you from this type of treatment. It is advisable to have a consultation prior to treatment.

A single treatment will last between 9 months and a year. Over time your body naturally absorbs the hyaluronic acid and you will require a top up treatment to maintain your youthful appearance.

Now is the time to invest in a more youthful you.

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