Rio’s message to the world

Rio 2016 opens with a message to the world

The opening of the 2016 Olympic Games was not only spectacular but also a brilliantly thought out campaign on the need keep our planet green. It is also estimated that Brazil spent only 10% of the budget for the opening in comparison to the 2012 London Olympics.

The opening traced the history of Brazil, from earliest origins as a lush futile land, into the current day with is bustling overcrowded cities, deforestation, pollution & the effect of global warming. To emphasise the theme, every Olympic athlete & official participating in the opening ceremony dropped a seed of an indigenous tree into a box & the seeds from 270 species will be planted in a specially created park just outside Rio.

That wasn’t the only first that the Rio Olympics achieved. There was a huge roar of applause from the crowd when they announced the arrival in the parade of the Olypmic refugee team & also for the first time ever the “Olympic Laurel Award”. The award is to honour an Olympiad that has selflessly used his or her success for advancements in education, culture & the development of peace through sport.  Kip Keino, who was an Olympic middle & long distance running champion in 1968 & again in 1972 & is from Kenya was the first recipient. He has founded not only an orphanage, but also a school & a high performance youth sports training centre in Kenya.

If the opening of the Rio Olympics is anything to go by – I think these Games could not only unify people in sport but also send the world an important message.

Written by Felicity Loopstra

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