The Rio Village – A record breaker

The Rio Olympic Village is the largest in the history of the Games. It has 31 brand new buildings, some of which are up to 17 floors high & in total there are 3604 apartments to accommodate the athletes, officials, coaches, doctors & physiotherapists. There will be up to 18,000 residents staying at one time, with 13,000 staff & volunteers to look after them. This is a huge management & logistics undertaking!

The athletes are being well taken care of throughout their stay, with a fantastic recreational area that includes video games, musical instruments, table tennis & snooker tables. There is also a state of the art gym & even a beauty salon. The village has a multi faith centre that is available to all religions. In the athletes off periods, there is a shuttle bus service to take them off site, to one of the beaches.

The Olympic Village is serving up to 60,000 meals per day with a choice of Brazilian, Italian, Asian, “tastes of the world”, Halal & Kosher. The main restaurant is open 24 hours a day & all the food served has a breakdown of the calories, protein, carbs, fat & salt per potion. There are also red flags to indicate lactose, gluten & other food intolerants.

Written By: Felicity Loopstra

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