Budgeting Spreadsheet For The Self-Employed

Budgeting Spreadsheet For The Self-Employed
Being self-employed is hard work. Transitioning from a regular paycheck to a sometimes erratic income is possibly the most difficult part of being your own boss.

When I decided to take my coaching business full time, I assumed the money would flow because I was following my passion. My main source of income would be paying clients who loved what I did so much that they would sign up without hesitation.

Except that’s not what happened. Usually, prospective clients would baulk at the cost of coaching and talk about their budget. My next question was always, ‘Do you have a budget spreadsheet or similar tool to help you with affordability?’ Except for a select few, most did not.

I understand the fear associated with budgeting. This fear of not having enough, the fear of money being more powerful than you are.

My speciality is in helping people deal with these fear. For me, the first step to regaining control over my life was to create a budget worksheet. If you do not have one, you can gain access to a
free budgeting spreadsheet here.

Why are budgets used?
Budgeting is essential, especially if you do not have a regular or steady income. It clears up any grey financial areas, focusing on:
• The monetary worth of your services.
• How much debt you may be carrying.
• Your current capacity for spending.
• The possibility of future savings.
• Opportunities for investment.

Ultimately, your budget will help you calculate instant affordability. It gives you back control. Use your budget to cut back or adjust spending. Use it as a tool to project how much more you may need to earn to cover costs.

Take back control by budgeting
Fear always stem from the unknown. Fear of lack, social exclusion and disapproval. These fears often drive our spending habits. Budgets encourage transparency in both your personal and professional life. Be open and honest about the state of your finances.

Download your complimentary budgeting spreadsheet and take back control.

About Fiona
Fiona Juan is an Online Success Coach helping top achievers optimise their performance. Her Science of Successful Living methodology delivers a holistic and results driven approach to achieving a successful lifestyle. When she is not coaching, she is a farmer, a tech geek and mom.

If you are in need of a success coach, visit fionajuan.com for more information.

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