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It’s that time of the year, when the annual Click and Grow Business Seminar is held in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This incredible course has been taught across the globe and now you have access to it in South Africa. It is time to kick start your business. Let this free business and networking seminar show you how…

You will learn how to find other experts in your industry to help you sell your product or service, how Click and Grow Business can partner with you in order to coach you so that you make the most of your idea. You will also learn why you don’t need any experience to succeed in the cutthroat online world. On top of that, this workshop will introduce you to simple yet powerful sales conversion techniques, affiliate and email marketing tools that can assist you in growing your online business faster, how to start a successful online business from scratch and the hugely successful MP5 MS2 formula for online success.

The speakers at both the Johannesburg and Cape Town events are Brett Fogle, Daniel Miller and Leon Marinus. Brett Fogle is the founder of the hugely successful Cydec Software which is based in Seattle. He also mentors, coaches, trains and teaches aspiring online entrepreneurs from around the world. With $20 million in online sales and multiple seven figure launches, he certainly has the credentials to do this.

Daniel Miller is the cofounder of Cydec Software and became a multimillionaire in his mid-30s. With a master’s degree in engineering and experience auditing post-grad work at US Berkley’s prestigious MBA program, he has developed a reputation of being one of the world’s best salesmen.

Finally, these two will be joined by none other than local award winning entrepreneur Leon Marinus. Marinus’ digital agency ATKA SA has been recognised as one of the top marketing agencies in South Africa. Having appeared on Good Morning Africa and Carte Blanche, Marinus has done motivational talks in Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA, UK and Mauritius.

The details for the events are as follows:
• JHB – 24th March and 3rd April (Venue: Soli Deo Gloria Hotel)
• CPT – 27th March (Venue- TBC)

There is also a two day workshop:
• JHB – 7th & 8th April (Soli Deo Gloria Hotel)
• CPT – 31st March & 1st April) ( Venue : TBC) 

For more information, take a look at the Facebook page which will be updated with details about the Cape Town event.

Register here for a free 2 hour intensive business training and networking seminar.

Click and Grow your Business South Africa – A successful business in the most effective way possible

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