Ilona Wilson

Is a personal trainer, kettle bell ballistics trainer and a crossfit level 1 instructor. She is a South African power lifter in the 57kg weight category. She started in 2014 and is on the executive of the Gauteng weightlifting association.

She has competed at South African Weightlifting Championships finishing on the podium 3 times, and was selected to represent South Africa at the World Powerlifting Championships in 2014 and received her Federation colours for Powerlifting, she also broke the South African Deadlift record in that year.

Ilona Wilson doing power lifting squats.

In December 2015 she competed in the 9 lift triathlon and came 2nd.  In May 2016 she competed at the first Arnold Sports Festival in South Africa in 3 events, finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  She was recently awarded South African (Protea) Colours and was selected to represent South Africa once again on the 21st October 2016 at the All African Powerlifting Championships in Potchefstroom, which she won.

In October 2016, she competed in the South African Deadlift Championships and came 1st.  After competing at the 2017 South African Powerlifting Championships in March, she was selected to represent South Africa at the World Powerlifting Championships in Minsk Belarus on the 17th June.  On the 5th of May 2017 she competed at the Powerlifting at the Arnold Classic 2017 and came 1st in her division.  In October 2017 The Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships will be held in Potchefstroom where she will once again represent SA.

She trained with a strength and conditioning coach, by the name of Joshua Capazorio.  Her current best totals are a 140kg Squat, 64kg Bench Press and 172kg Deadlift.

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