10 reasons to add Tidal Tao to your list of things to do while in Ballito

10 reasons to add Tidal Tao to your list of things to do while in Ballito

If you can swim, you can be taught to snorkel. That’s the belief Tidal Tao stands by. Offering a range of underwater excursions and walks along the Kwa Zulu Natal Dolphin Coastline, Michelle Morris and Andre Steenkamp are passionate about educating both young and old about the precious ecosystem found just below the water’s surface.

There is a difference…

For those who aren’t familiar with the activity, there is a slight difference between snorkelling and scuba diving besides the depths you get to explore.  Before going scuba diving, you need to enrol for training and become certified. Scuba diving also requires some expensive gear including a pressurised gas tank, a wet suit and swimming fins where snorkelling only needs a diving mask and an L or J shaped tube, with swim fins as an added option, depending on your preference. Due to the training and certification that needs to be done, Scuba diving can be quite costly, especially if you are a large family on a tight budget.  Snorkelling however allows you to enjoy the beautiful world that lies beyond the shore at a fraction of the cost and with minimal hassle.

“We had a great time with our first time to snorkel. The visibility was great and as an inlander (or vaalie) we were very impressed with all the life going on under the water! The service was great and our guide was very good. The social aspect of drinking a beer afterword with the guide, was almost just as great as the snorkeling itself” – RenierHG on his experience of Tidal Tao as a first time snorkeler, Trip Advisor

Conservation is key…

The Dolphin Coast in Ballito is a rich coastline that is home to many rare and unusual creatures, like the Elegant Pipefish.  The shoreline, or intertidal zone, from the south of Ballito to the north of Christmas Bay needs to be protected by all who visit and call it home. Much needs to be done to ensure the preservation of these natural wonders of the region. In an attempt to aid conservation efforts, Tidal Tao has teamed up with the Wilderness Leadership School, a historical NGO to help educate more people on the threats these fragile ecosystems face. Acts such as commercial harvesting for the marine aquarium trade, litter and fishing line smothering corals can have devastating effects.

Tidal Tao and the Wilderness Leadership School will embark on a marine conservation project that will not only act as a data sourcing exercise to gauge a better understanding of the marine life, but also become a community project by having the residents share and support this vision.

Here are 10 reasons to add Tidal Tao to your to do list on your next trip to the north coast:

  1. Children from as young as five can be taught to snorkel. Get the whole family involved in exploring the underwater wonders first hand, which beats admiring these creature from behind a pane of glass.
  2. You will not be disappointed with the sights you behold. The Dolphin Coast has diverse plant and animal species and makes discovering the wilderness it has to offer an eye opening experience.
  3. There are options for all. Whether you choose to go on a snorkelling safari or you would prefer drier land and opt for a guided walk along to north coast to witness dolphins and whales (season dependant) you are guaranteed a fun and informative journey.
  4. Fancy an underwater photoshoot? Jump right in for snapshots with the deep wide ocean as a backdrop. Just make sure you can open your eyes underwater to make your best fish face.
  5. Night snorkelling safaris. That is right, at night. Assured to be of the utmost safety these excursions will unlock a world of night-time sea life bursting with colour for your eyes to feast upon.
  6. The Tidal Tao team is a wealth of resources when it comes to ocean life. Their passion for the deep blue is infectious.
  7. Did we forget to mention that they are fanatical about education? They offer an Environmental Education Program for schools. They are eager to cultivate the understanding of the ocean and the preservation thereof from a young age.
  8. Working together for the greater good. 20% of all contributions they receive go towards sea-life conservation and as well as sponsoring underprivileged schools to take part in the Environmental Program. Education is of utmost importance to the Tidal Tao team.
  9. Do it for the health benefits! Snorkelling promotes relaxation and is a great form of exercise. Peace. Love. Snorkel.
  10. Tidal Tao is rated the number 1 attraction in Ballito by Trip Advisor. Need we give you any more reasons?

So if you’re looking for activities to do in Ballito, do something extraordinary and make sure to schedule a day with the team from Tidal Tao. It’s well worth it.

Visit the Tidal Tao  website for more information or like their Facebook page to stay connected.

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Author – Talitha Utton

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