Now there is a One-Stop Shop for your Financial Needs

Now there is a One-Stop Shop for your Financial Needs

One company provides full range of financial services

In the complex world of finance, it is difficult to find a company that can help you plan for all your financial needs. Sir Group, however, is a proudly South African company that can do just that. The acronym ‘SIR’ stands for Strategic Investment and Realty group and this is a name sure to become familiar to South Africans.

That is just what this company, established locally in 2014, can do for you. They will assist clients to plan strategically to realise their financial and property funding needs through investment, banking and insurance products. What began as an alliance of companies in 2014 has now evolved into an investment and realty holding company, with the ability to offer its client stakeholders products for all finance related needs.

One may ask how one company is able to present such a diverse offering. The answer is that they acquired four unique business units, each dealing with specific needs. Together they create a synergy in which all needs are catered for:

  • Accredo Financial Solutions – puts the client on track by assisting them to establish a financial plan for short term needs. Skilled CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) assist clients in planning for eventualities such as death, retirement and disability. Accredo, established in 2005, is partnered with the MMI Group and Hollard Life and offers innovative financial products.
  • Developing Solutions – aims to assist in the development or redevelopment of properties on behalf of their clients by forging and leveraging strategic alliances. These solutions are not readily available in the market and Sir Group works to secure both procurement and funding of development opportunities through strategic investments whilst rationalising operating costs by enhancing efficiencies around the management and development of all types of properties.
  • MRisk or Managed Risk Solutions – this unit, established in 2015, offers quality full coverage short-term insurance to both individual and business clients at competitive market rates. Underwritten by all large insurers in South Africa as well as several of the smaller agencies.
  • TGT Business Solutions – is the structured business lending unit. Established in 1992, it is the most seasoned acquisition unit in the Sir Group stable. TGT provides commercial property finance and structured lending solutions to the commercial sector. TGT has established strong working relationships with both local and international formal banking institutions as well as alternative funding providers.

These units enable Sir Group to offer an extensive and comprehensive range of products to their clients in the financial, insurance and property sectors. It really is a ‘one-stop shop’ where all a client’s needs in these areas can be catered for.

When dealing in the area of the finances of individuals and businesses, it is essential to establish trust and provide the assurance of integrity. Tales of pyramid and Ponzi schemes in South Africa abound – going right back to the infamous Kubus scam of the early 1980’s where Kobus Nieuwoudt recruited unsuspecting investors into investing in his milk culture scheme.¹[i] Over the years there have been many others, often aiming to defraud people of their hard-saved retirement funds. The result is that many people have become suspicious of any investment schemes and are cautious to commit themselves.

Sir Group, however, prides itself on quality assurance and stands proudly by four central values:

  • STRATEGIC – products and services are tailored for success by being adapted constantly to the ever-changing and evolving financial climate.
  • EXCELLENCE –in maintaining high standards of excellence, the Sir Group units give efficient and professional service in the delivery of a wide range of quality-driven financial services and products.
  • EFFECTIVE – the effectivity of Sir Group’s product range is ensured through its wide experience and knowledge. This also contributes to increased returns on investment for its clients.
  • TRUSTED – Because the group understands that privacy is key to its clients in the area of finances, discretion is an absolute priority. Discretion is a key component in the group’s methodology and clients are assured of the absolute privacy of their records and information.

Interested individual and business clients are thus assured of the highest possible level of integrity and professionalism and are invited to contact Sir Group in order to be put in touch with one of their business unit specialists.




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