Water health contributes to brain health


Purified Water, Healthy Body

Are you aware that 75% of your brain is composed of water, likewise 83% of your blood, 75% of your muscles and 22% of your bones? Water also has a massive role to play in many of your bodily functions.

Surely then, you’d want to ensure the water going into your body is as clean and pure as possible. We hear a great deal today about our municipal water not being completely clean and safe to drink and our rivers, dams and oceans being polluted in a myriad of ways. So how do we ensure the water we are putting into our significantly water-based bodies is pure and healthy for us to drink?

It has been suggested that ‘the next world war will be fought over the availability of water.’ This is a possibility as in recent times water issues, such as contamination, have become major national and global problems. Water represents life and with threats such as climate change, over- population and other environmental issues, water becomes one of the foremost environmental areas to focus on.

How exactly does RO address most of the issues arising from contaminated water? The RO process takes place when specific pressure is applied to a highly concentrated solution, causing the solvent to pass through a membrane into the lower concentrated solution, leaving a higher concentration of solute on one side and only solvent on the other side. Globally RO is known as the most effective method of purifying water, with nano-filtration and ultra- filtration coming in as the close second and third methods respectively. A good RO system can remove contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, organic chemicals, and the municipal additive of fluoride.

Some more Interesting Facts about Reverse Osmosis:

 If the water quality in your home contains inorganic contaminants, Reverse Osmosis is an excellent method
to treat it. Some RO units can remove 90% or more of certain inorganic chemicals.
 ‘High purity’ home drinking water can only be produced through two types of systems: Steam Distillation or Reverse Osmosis.
 RO, when combined with a simple carbon filter* WILL provide drinking water which is 98-99% free of organic chemicals, such as chlorine, free ammonia, fluoride, arsenic, magnesium among others.

Some Advantages of using Reverse Osmosis:
 Friendly to the environment.
 Uses a minimal amount of power.
 Can be used for both domestic and industrial applications.
 Removes dissolved minerals and other contaminants that cause unpleasant odours, tastes or colours of water.
 The purified water tastes pleasant.
 Removal of dissolved minerals, metals and other particles benefits household and commercial plumbing systems as there are no contaminants in the water to corrode pipes or form sediments.
 Assists in removing harmful bacteria and viruses from municipal and borehole water systems.

Owen Purifiers is a South African company situated on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal. The company introduced the EC105 five-stage RO unit, which comes complete with a NSF certified 11.2 litres 1 water storage tank, a quality membrane, extra colour ¼" tubing, a long-reach chrome faucet and all necessary fittings. It is an ideal unit to install in a home or business and has been met with very positivefeedback.


It was stated above * that when an RO system is combined with a carbon filter, it achieves exceptional results in terms of water purity. Filters used in the Owen Purifiers unit functions in five stages, with each removing a different category of contaminants.so it achieves an extremely high rate of purity.

For the month of October only, there was a special offer of R500 off the normal price (only for clients based between Port Edward and Port Shepstone). When you go to Owen Purifier’s Facebook page –
https://www.facebook.com/Owenpurfiers/ and respond to the special offer, you could purchase the EC105 Reverse Osmosis unit for only R2 500 (normal price R3 000). The product comes with a one-year service warranty as well as a five year guarantee. The company prides itself on service excellence and six months after purchase, clients receive a call reminding them that it’s time to schedule a service. Registered clients pay no service or call-out fees!

If you are set on having a healthy lifestyle and body and want to find out more, go to the company’s website:

Contact Owen Purifiers now and very soon you could be drinking water that tastes, smells and looks like good, fresh water should. Brought to you by a company with the motto ‘One filter is better than no filter and two filters are better  than one’.

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