Go Green with SP Paint on your next Painting Project

SP Paint started out in 2016 after seeing a gap in the South African market for truly environmentally friendly paint and painting products.  Their mission is to be the market leader in manufacturing, distributing and applications of high quality eco-paint products to improve the sustainability of the world we live in.

They are unique in their product offering and stand out above the rest of the regular paint providers, with tested eco-paints that make a lasting difference to our environment. These eco-paint and painting products are healthy to the individual, durable on surfaces and cost effective on the pocket.

Manufactured in Somerset West, Cape Town all SP Paints have been given the green light and have been put through many tests and evaluations to be classified as a 100% eco-paint solution. They proudly meet all local and international standards such as SABS and CSIR, and are ISO approved. Their interior and exterior paint applications carry a lifespan of 16 years, a figure which way out performs standard paint’s durability.

Some of the properties you can expect from SP Paint are the following:

·       Ultra violet and weathering resistant

·       Non-toxic

·       Fire retardant

·       Fungus resistant

·       Colour & light fast, does not fade

·       Odourless

  • Dries quickly
  • Clean up with water
  • Creep and impact resistant
  • Rust preventative

And the list goes on…

Popular products in the range include the ‘Metal Treat’ which is perfect to use on metal, rolled steel, mild steel and stainless steel. This product prevents rust and carries a high fire resistance and waterproofing properties. The ‘Sealer’ is a fast drying and water resistant product. The ideal area for application is metal roofs, parapets, dams, gutters, down pipes, concrete roofs, pre cast panel walls and glazing. Another popular product in the SP Paint range is the ‘Rubber Guard’ which is a UV resistant acrylic rubberising compound, protecting against corrosion and moderate abrasion applications. For rubberised use on underground and surface machine chassis, walkways, waterproofing of concrete slabs and corrugated roof sheets.

Great results achieved with SP Paint products

These specialised paints are not just being used in and around the home, but at a variety of massive projects such as roofing, flooring and refurbishing of warehouses and buildings, face lifts to complexes and maintenance to shopping malls.

SP Paint do not only offer the best eco-paints on the market, but also supply teams that are experienced and trained in applying these ‘green’ products for optimal results. Priding themselves in outstanding service delivery and workmanship, the crew adheres to strict safety laws and procedures. This best practice guarantees a safe environment for all with minimal work interruption as well as ensuring the correct application of SP Paint products. The SP Paint team give you total peace of mind knowing your project is handled by professionals who stand by the company’s values of honesty, integrity and excellent service delivery.

The local employer is BBBEE compliant and is doing their bit to help curb unemployment by upskilling the previously disadvantaged and creating brighter future for them as well. SP Paint look to build long lasting relationships with all who decide to go green with them and to become an indispensable partner in their project plans.

SP Paint is a visionary company identifying a need in the market and working towards creating a greener future for all to enjoy. They strive to be at the forefront of eco-paint, to be innovative and competitive. The range is customisable to clients concerns and if SP Paint does not have a solution to the problem in their current eco-paint collection they will as go as far as to create one specifically aimed at handling the issue.

The decision to go green on your next paint project is a wise choice, the benefits cannot be denied that it is the environmentally friendly choice to make.

To find out more of the SP Paint collection contact Armand Griesel on 083 426 7949 or via email on armand@sppaint.co.za. View their website at www.sppaint.co.za and ‘like’ their Facebook page for more tips and information.

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