By Zeldi Smulders

The global pandemic has had a big effect on our lives. A substantial part of its influence can be seen in our careers and working situations.

The world has changed. With this in mind, you need to adapt and move forward if you want to make sure your career goals are not put on hold. But how can you work towards your ambitions in such a stressful and uncertain time? With some useful COVID-19 career tips.

When you find yourself in strange circumstances it might prove useful to assess your situation. What is happening in South Africa right now? How has the labour market and working situations changed? It may provide an answer as to what you can and need to do now.

How COVID-19 Affected South Africans

SA News reported the findings of the Stats SA survey where they investigated the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on income and employment. The results of the survey indicated that 8.1% of the respondents have closed down their businesses or lost their jobs, while 1.4% came to be unemployed.

In terms of working from home, Stats SA said the following:
“Before the national lockdown, the majority of respondents indicated that they had worked from non-residential buildings, while only 1.4% of those in employment worked from home. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a change where 77.9% of those who worked during the national lockdown, did so from home compared to 15.1% who worked from non-residential buildings”.

The survey also showed that 60.5% of the respondents stated that they will be going back to the same job or business after the national lockdown, while 1% were sure that they will not be going back. There were also 5.2% of them who were uncertain whether they will be going back or not.

Covid-19 Career Tips for Your Situation

Following these events, people currently find themselves in different situations. Some have to pick up where they left off, some have to change their work approach, and others have to look for new opportunities because they lost their job.

The occurrence of COVID-19 can be seen as an excuse for not working on your career goals. But it can also rather be an opportunity to renew your outlook and way of doing things. All in all, this applies to you whether you are an employer, an employee, or someone who is currently unemployed.

It can be a good practice to prepare for any situation as your circumstances are not immune to change. Moreover, some of the initiatives can even be useful for more than one situation.

Your goals may need to change or you could gain new ones. What’s more, your career path will probably look different from others. Nevertheless, you can take the time to work on the factors you have control over.

Here are a few COVID-19 career tips to help you in the circumstances you find yourself in:

I lost my job…

  • Keep your CV updated

It is important if you want to make sure you are ready to send it when a new job opportunity arises.

  • Learn a new skill

You don’t necessarily have to go somewhere to gain a new skill. There are a lot of online courses and videos available to help you with this.

  • Find internship and learnership opportunities

While employment has gone down there are still companies that are prepared to help you gain some experience.

I am working from home…

  • Set up a working station

You will be spending your working hours at home. Make sure your working area allows you to accomplish what you need to.

  • Stay connected

Working at home may leave you without the company of other employees, but the path to success can be aided by networking and having others to help you along the way.

I am going back to work…

  • Get back on track

The time at home may have disrupted your normal patterns and set objectives. Take time to remind yourself of what is important for your career.

I feel motivated…

  • Take hold of the opportunity

People are doing things differently and new needs are forming. How can you meet those needs? Maybe it is time to find a gap in the market and start your own business.

  • Make a move

The time away from work might have made you realised you are not satisfied with your current position and want to find out what else there is.

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