By Kerry Walsh

It is more than just coffee, it is a community hub, a safe haven and way to give back to the less fortunate. DC Coffee Co was originally started by a couple, named Danny and Cathy, at the Riversands farm in 2017. Neil and Sam then launched a second store in Fourways. As people and as a couple, they have an amazing story and with their coffee shop they aim to create a place of community and connection as they believe it’s the way of the future.

The DC owners 

Owners of DC Coffee Co

Neil and Sam are the owners of this incredible coffee shop and personally they have a really interesting and testing past. They have dealt with many difficult times and in order to deal with those difficult times they choose to give back to the community and the people that are part of the community.

In 2016, they experienced a really difficult time with their first born who was struggling with many health issues that they could not determine what the cause was. This made it extremely difficult for them in terms of finances. They then experienced a horrible hijacking, which instils fear and anger in people. But the gracious people that they are, they did not allow them to take anything else from them and chose to keep pushing.

After all of this, Neil dealt with his own demons of depression, which made it difficult for him to see a future in a business that made him happy. This is what connected him to the idea of taking over DC and developing it into a community place. They wanted to do something that wasn’t just about money but was going to make a difference in people’s lives and make people happy.

The DC philosophy 

The quote “anything is possible if you just believe” comes to mind when speaking of this amazing couple. This is because they did not know anything about coffee and running a coffee shop. They decided that it was possible to learn about coffee and how to run a coffee shop. They knew it was not only important for them but that it is important for the community that they do this for.

The motto of DC Coffee Co is “How can we make your day?“. This is so prevalent in what they are doing because they are not just selling coffee, but they genuinely want to know the customers and make a difference in their customers’ lives. DC takes advantage of their space and uses it as a multipurpose community center in a sense where people feel comfortable, appreciated and that their coffee is making a difference.

Making a difference 

Coffee and treats at DC Coffee Co

The year of 2020 and the pandemic of Covid-19 has been very difficult for many people. For many people, no human interaction is tough and can make people feel alone. When DC was allowed to start delivering coffee, they realized that people were not just interested in the coffee. They were interested in the human interaction and ability to have a conversation with someone when ordering a coffee.

As a company they managed to make it an enjoyable experience that was almost as enjoyable as the coffee itself. DC registered as a nonprofit organization and committed to giving 10% of their sales to organisations that are in need within the community.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

DC uses their social media platforms as a way to create happiness with those who may not make it to the shop every day. They have their customers in mind when creating their posts. They create them in a way that is entertaining and the customers feel as if they are speaking to them personally.

Every month DC chooses a cause that is both relevant to the community and has a large impact on the people around them to give back to and create awareness about. For the month of October and November they are supporting the idea of literacy. You can get more information in store or via their website:

A note from DC 

DC Coffee Co: Stop wishing and start doing

This month’s initiative: As a Non-Profit Coffee Shop with a real heart for our community, we work hard to ensure we stand for meaningful causes monthly, and those in need of support. Once committed, we do all we can to throw our weight and the weight of our community behind these causes. This month will be no different.

Whilst reading and writing may not be a biggie for many of us, it forms the foundation for all other learning and is the first step towards freedom, liberation from social and economic constraints, and is the prerequisite for development, both individual and collective.

Whilst Covid has impacted many of us on a personal level, there are some that have been substantially impacted and possibly set back with bleak futures now ahead of them as a result of six months off school. Some such learners come from a government school called Witkoppen Primary, literally down the road for us.

Whilst the school have done all they can to reduce the impact of Covid restrictions on the annual calendar, there are a large amount of learners, especially Grade 1-3 who have fallen far behind developmentally as a result of the extensive amount of time off school, with no alternative way to continue learning.

As DC, alongside ‘Heart of a Champion’, we have committed to place two custom developed literacy and numeracy activity packs in the hands of 100 struggling learners to help work through with them over November and December, in the hopes of supporting these learners and giving them a boost before year end. 

How you can support is as follows:

  1. An incredible local kids author, Joy Husted, has agreed to sell her series of six educational Once Upon a Rhyme story books instore and donate all profit to the cause. Consider these books for your kids or others. They are amazing! 
  2. By supporting us, you are supporting the cause. We aim to channel 10% of our turnover to this project in October.
  3. Donate financially towards the packs. Details are instore.
  4. Volunteering.

“We are passionate people who love life and have a genuine love for our customers. We pride ourselves in excellent service, quality products and always strive to ‘make your day’” – Neil 

Find out more about organisations like this one by visiting PRO-Care.

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