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2021 Fitness Trends and Workouts

Shaping Up: 2021 Fitness Trends and Workouts You Can Do Right Now!

By Kiana Prinsloo

Let’s face it, due to Covid-19, 2020 pushed us back in terms of a lot of our goals we had set out for the new and updated “Roaring 20s”. It’s time we punch back by letting 2020 know we’ve moved on to a better, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Here are the latest fitness trends as well as the best apps to manage and help you achieve your 2021 fitness goals.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health and Fitness Journal, online and virtual training is at the top of their 2021 trending list. Fitness programs for older adults/elders also made the top 10. Among highlighting the most popular fitness apps, websites and YouTube channels, we have also added sites, especially for our elderly and prenatal and postnatal readers to join in on the fun!

Popular Fitness Apps and Websites

Joining the Nike Training Club gives you access to an ever-growing library of free workouts. Nike Master Trainers guide you through each session that ranges from five minutes to an hour. Workouts can be done at home, the gym and even on the road. It facilitates for beginners and for more advanced athletes and has an additional space for nutritional tips and wellness guidance. According to Elle, The Nike Run Club encourages its users to take part in five challenges over five months to stand a chance to win the opportunity of visiting the Nike World Headquarters (not normally open to the public).

To download the Nike Training Club for Android, click here and for iOS, click here

To download the Nike Run Club App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here

FitOn offers free personalised plans, available on demand, that suit you and all your lifestyle needs. With over five million members as well as celebrity and world-class trainers, this app is hard to resist. FitOn provides recommended meal recipes as well as a space to connect with others. This means getting your family and friends to join in on the workout with you is easy, helping you keep motivated and inspired.

To download the FitOn App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here


Seven is another top fitness app. Seven aims to provide maximum benefit in the shortest time possible (only seven minutes to be exact!). The workouts are tailor-made according to your fitness goals. This app would be perfect for someone that has trouble keeping motivated as the layout of the app is simple, fun, inspiring and highly addictive due to its daily challenges and achievements.

To download the Seven App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here


Fun Fact: According to E-commerce Times, the sales of dumbbells on eBay increased by 1.980% during the lockdown in 2020 compared to March and April the previous year!


Playbook describes themselves as the “Netflix of Fitness”. This is because, like Netflix, it works on a subscription basis. You pay monthly (or annually) and you get access to over 150 of the world’s best instructors right at your fingertips. According to the Playbook website, this includes “celeb trainers, yoga teachers, pre- and postnatal trainers, CrossFit, sports coaches and more.” On top of all the workout content, Playbook also offers meditation programs as well as fasting, detoxing, stoicism and sleep guides. The app gives you access to ask your instructors questions and to keep well connected with them. You can also connect your Apple Health to the Playbook App to track your activity levels and statistics.

To download the Playbook App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here



For prenatal and postnatal mommies, The Bloom Method is a membership-based app that is compiled of safe and doctor-approved workouts to keep all mothers fit from time of conception until after giving birth. Common pregnancy and post-pregnancy complications such as diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse are also accounted for to empower every stage of motherhood.

To download the Studio Bloom App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here.


Eldergym is specifically designed for older adults and the elderly to regain their strength within their very own home and for free! They also educate on the importance of exercise in the elderly and the benefits thereof. This is done through their easy-to-understand but detailed articles as well as videos. On the Eldergym website, you can learn to practice basic principles of exercise such as posture, breathing, strength, endurance and balance.

To start your journey, click here to redirect to the Eldergym website.


Ever dreamed of having the body of one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris Hemsworth? Now you can with his very own app called Centr Fitness where his team of professional trainers become your team too! And for the ladies, it can’t hurt to drool a little over him while you both workout! For a monthly or annual membership, you can do just that! This app helps you to reach your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home. After setting up your personalised profile of your fitness goals and your current fitness level, Centr will recommend the most beneficial videos and instructors for you.

To download the Centr Fitness App for Android, click here and for iOS, click here

Inspiring Fitness YouTube Channels

Yoga with Adriene has gained more than nine million YouTube subscribers from her valuable, free and inspiring yoga content. She focuses on creating connections with others and has a life motto of doing your best, being authentic, and finding what feels good.

POPSUGAR Fitness is another popular YouTube channel with over five million subscribers and around 55 playlists to filter your workout session. They even have an entire playlist filled with just Victoria’s Secret Workouts! POPSUGAR focuses on real-time, do-it-along classes with numerous fitness experts and Hollywood’s best-looking celebrity trainers.

Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel is also one of the most popular with over five million subscribers. With free fitness videos in real-time, you can filter through the playlists created depending on your difficulty. We recommend the dance fitness or the song fitness for some extra fun! Taking things to the extra length, she also posts free workout schedules every Sunday on her Instagram.

Getting up to work out or finding the motivation and energy to get started is tough but once you get started, chances are you won’t want to stop. If you try a trend and are still not having fun, change the trend. Every person is different and so the most important thing is to find a fitness trend that YOU enjoy. That is when you’ll benefit the most and get the most out of your time. All the above-mentioned apps, sites and YouTubers are all different and diverse so that you can find the community that suits you and your needs the best.


“It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up”

~Jodie Webster

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