Strong woman and heavy lifting

17 June, 2017 Admin 0

          Ilona Wilson Is a personal trainer, kettle bell ballistics trainer and a crossfit level 1 instructor. She is a South African power lifter in the 57kg weight category. She started […]


2016 Rio continues…

5 September, 2016 Admin 0

Even the rain & wind could not dampen the festivities at the closing ceremony. The whole event was a colourful celebration & had a Mardi Graz atmosphere. The spectacular was held at the Maraca Stadium […]


Rio’s message to the world

6 August, 2016 Admin 0

If the opening of the Rio Olympics is anything to go by – these Games could not only unify people in sport but also send the world an important message. […]


World Donor Day – 14th February

15 February, 2015 Admin 0

Apart from heart cutouts and the overwhelming presence of the colour red, 14 February is associated with another type of heart too. Hearts, various organs and those individuals willing to donate have sparked the annual […]


Discovering the deep

17 May, 2014 Admin 0

Be sure to check out Page 10 for the first in our 3 part series, where our Editor discovers a diving technique. More on the course featured in Issue 05 of our magazine: Open Water […]



30 June, 2013 Admin 0

ProActive refers to all activities, hobbies and fun things that our readers love to do. This division ties closely with PRO SELF which relates more to the individual than the activity.  


Golfers Day

10 April, 2013 Admin 0

I must readily admit that when it comes to sports; I am more of an adrenaline seeker than the patient ‘gentlemen’s game’ kind of sports lover.  Give me rock climbing, football and dance sports and […]


Leading SA in my own way

20 November, 2012 Admin 0

As I drove to work this morning, I was listening to my favourite radio station. A LeadSA advertisement was playing wherein the story was told of how a man picked up a purse that had […]


The Kid (1921)

16 April, 2012 Admin 0

  Director: Charlie Chaplin Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Carl Miller, Edna Purviance and Jackie Coogan Written, produced, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, The Kid is a true classic and one of Chaplin’s greatest and most […]