Making a small change, and a big impact

3 April, 2016 Admin 0

19 March 2016 20H30 around the world is the official hour where people have the opportunity to get actively involved in making a small difference against climate change. This positive initiative is a reminder of […]

Editors Choice

Ranked amongst the greenest

4 May, 2015 Admin 0

Here is a breakdown of the results released in a research report by Yale in 2014, detailing the Environmental Performance Index and ‘green ratings’ of countries. Countries we have profiled in our Top 10 Greenest […]


World Wildlife day

12 March, 2015 Admin 0

World Wildlife Day is 3 March The United Nations has decided to emphasize the fundamental importance and influences of wild animals and plants. Though the day is aimed at stressing the values of all animals […]


Australia: amongst the Top 10 Greenest

9 March, 2015 Admin 0

Australian government launched projects focussed conservation, sustainability, greener living, protection of endangered species to preserve and protect the untamed natural beauty and unique animals. Projects to focus on reforestation and re-vegetation to provide sufficient habitats […]


Save water on World Water Day

22 March, 2014 Admin 0

Water is the most essential element necessary to sustain human life and ensure its survival. One of our most basic needs is water, to drink, to clean ourselves with and to prepare food. Water is […]


Nordic Breed of Dogs

1 October, 2013 Admin 0

Classifications of this breed can be found here See how Husky Rescue assists these animals in South Africa. More on this in the latest edition of our magazine on page 18 of this issue.   […]


Orcinus Orca

1 October, 2013 Admin 0

Many people may be unaware that there are killer whale sub-species resulting in four different types of killer whales. These sub-species are Type A, B, C and D and are divided into categories of Resident, […]

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