International Jazz Day

6 May, 2015 Admin 0

International Jazz Day The 2015 Global Host City of International Jazz Day is Paris, France. France is often recognized as the second birthplace of jazz after the US. Thanks to jazz fans and supporters, the […]

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May the 4th be with you

4 May, 2015 Admin 0

Star Wars Day This unofficial holiday aims to celebrate, what long since surpassed being a movie fandom, but the culture of Star Wars. The movies, the culture and everything attached to it is honoured with […]


International Workers Day

1 May, 2015 Admin 0

International Workers’ Day   1 May marks the celebration of Workers’ Day in South Africa. The day celebrates the role played by Trade Unions, the Communist Party and other labour movements in the struggle against […]


St Patricks Day

17 March, 2015 Admin 0

17 March is one of the most widely celebrated days across the globe, St Patrick’s Day. The first celebration was held in America and mostly consisted of religious services and feasts, led by a small […]


Zero Discrimination Day

1 March, 2015 Admin 0

Zero Discrimination Day The Zero Discrimination Campaign was launched on World AIDS Day in December 2013. UNAIDS Launched the campaign in Support of Zero Discrimination Day. Choosing the butterfly as symbol for the day, the […]


World Radio Day – 13th February

13 February, 2015 Admin 0

World radio day, celebrated on 13 February, is an entire day set aside to celebrate radio as a medium of entertainment, information, independent and pluralistic media. As the world advances and becomes increasingly digitalised, radio […]


History Made in 2014 Elections

1 May, 2014 Admin 0

The fifth Elections to be held in South Africa since the end of apartheid era in 1994, will take place on the seventh of May 2014. The first party that led South Africans after the […]

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