Life isnt perfect…but your hair can be

22 November, 2017 Admin 0

Hair By Adele, a Gem to Discover   In your neighbourhood you must know of at least 3 hair dressing salons in close proximity, but how do they all survive? It’s simple really, by offering […]


Refreshing news!

3 April, 2016 Admin 0

“Hello it’s me again” you say as you look at the same old face in your bathroom mirror each morning. You know the face well, each line and wrinkle tells its own story. Now day’s […]


International Day of Families

15 May, 2015 Admin 0

International Day of Families   The vision of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for International Day of Families is as follows: “As we strive to usher in a more sustainable future, achieve the Millennium Development […]


Mothers Day

10 May, 2015 Admin 0

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is a holiday that honours motherhood. It is observed worldwide as a entire day devoted to the women who brought us into this world and to thank them for all they […]


World Health Day – 7 April

7 April, 2015 Admin 0

The increased importance that is being placed on healthy and safe food has inspired the 2015 World Health Day theme. Food Safety is the focal point of this year’s World Health observation. New data on […]


Commonwealth Day

9 March, 2015 Admin 0

The Commonwealth Day theme for 2015 is “A Young Commonwealth”, recognizes the capacity, contribution and potential of young people. The realization that people aged 25 and under account for the majority of the Commonwealth’s population […]


International Womens Day

8 March, 2015 Admin 0

International Womens day The theme of International Women’s Day 2015 is encouraging women around the world to MAKE IT HAPPEN. It offers an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while constantly and consciously working […]



30 June, 2013 Admin 0

PROSelf focuses on the individual’s personal growth and development. It highlights issues such as self-image, presence, and first impressions, and sheds light on correct mind-sets and forward thinking. It is a section that is linked […]


Why I’m Addicted to Pinterest

20 November, 2012 Admin 0

Why I’m Addicted to  Pinterest   I am very much addicted to Pinterest, but I’m quite surprised that I am. It has no obvious practical use, at least to a user like me. In my […]