Strong woman and heavy lifting

17 June, 2017 Admin 0

          Ilona Wilson Is a personal trainer, kettle bell ballistics trainer and a crossfit level 1 instructor. She is a South African power lifter in the 57kg weight category. She started […]


2016 Rio continues…

5 September, 2016 Admin 0

Even the rain & wind could not dampen the festivities at the closing ceremony. The whole event was a colourful celebration & had a Mardi Graz atmosphere. The spectacular was held at the Maraca Stadium […]


Rio’s message to the world

6 August, 2016 Admin 0

If the opening of the Rio Olympics is anything to go by – these Games could not only unify people in sport but also send the world an important message. […]


Golfers Day

10 April, 2013 Admin 0

I must readily admit that when it comes to sports; I am more of an adrenaline seeker than the patient ‘gentlemen’s game’ kind of sports lover.  Give me rock climbing, football and dance sports and […]