2016 Rio continues…

5 September, 2016 Admin 0

Even the rain & wind could not dampen the festivities at the closing ceremony. The whole event was a colourful celebration & had a Mardi Graz atmosphere. The spectacular was held at the Maraca Stadium […]

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The Rio Village – A record breaker

17 August, 2016 Admin 0

The Rio Olympic Village is the largest in the history of the Games. It has 31 brand new buildings, some of which are up to 17 floors high & in total there are 3604 apartments to accommodate the athletes, officials, coaches, doctors & physiotherapists. There will be up to 18,000 residents staying at one time, with 13,000 staff & volunteers to look after them. This is a huge management & logistics undertaking!


World Oceans Day – Coral Reefs at Risk

8 June, 2013 Admin 0

Today is World Ocean’s Day, a day we celebrate and appreciate the big and wondrous BLUE .  Sadly life under the sea is vastly decreasing, with one of nature’s greatest wonders in danger of disappearing […]


The countdown begins

6 June, 2013 Admin 0

The days and months edge closer to winter and the nearing cold. As you prepare your households by unpacking the long wooly socks and fluffy blankets, stocking cupboards with soup and stewing vegetables, we have […]